How to Fix USB Shortcut Virus

When you open your USB and nothing is there but shortcuts, heads up, it’s a virus. We will teach you on how to remove the virus and recover your files.

Download a strong Anti-virus program.

First step is to clean your USB disks from viruses using an anti-virus program. You have several options to do so. You can download Avast Free Antivirus or Avira. I personally use Kaspersky Internet Security 2013 Trial (download it here and install).

Go to My Computer. Locate your USB Disk. Scan using Kaspersky Internet Security.

If the program found threats, do the appropriate action (clean, move to quarantine or delete).

scan usb

Recovering your files.

Normally, this USB shortcut virus hides your files into an unnamed folder (and this folder is hidden). And you can’t unhide this folder using its properties window. What you will need is a command prompt command to unhide all contents of your USB. We have made a small Batch File to accomplish said task. Download it here.

Run the batch file and enter the drive letter of which your USB is assigned. In our case, the drive letter is E, so I would type E. Press Enter. It will close automatically after finishing its job. – unhide files command prompt

Open your USB drive. You will see an unnamed folder. Open it. Move all files outside that folder. Delete all shortcuts on your drive. And tada! You have recovered your files!

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