How to Remove Ask Toolbar in Google Chrome

ask toolbar chrome

Have you installed the latest version of YouTube Downloader or Java? These are the common culprit for unknowingly installing the very controversial toolbar from, Ask Toolbar. Some users reported that this toolbar changes their browser settings (like default home page, default search engine and browser shortcuts) without direct consent. And who knows, this toolbar captures your private data and would use it in unethical terms (this is just a guess). So now we are going to teach you on how to uninstall or remove Ask Toolbar from Google Chrome (we are going to use this browser in this tutorial).

Step 1

Go to Google Chrome’s Settings > Tools > Extensions. Remove the extension by clicking on the ‘Garbage can’ icon (see the image below). Restart Google Chrome and see if Ask Toolbar is gone. If not, continue to the next step.

remove ask toolbar chrome

Step 2

Go to Control Panel > Programs and Features. Look for Ask Toolbar and click Uninstall. If you left your Google Chrome open, the uninstall process may require you to close it first. Open your Google Chrome again and you won’t see any trace of the Ask Toolbar again.

uninstall ask toolbar in google chrome

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