Smart Communications offer Samsung Note 5, S6 Edge Plus UPDATE: Globe opens pre-registration site

It didn’t take long for telco giant Smart Communications to offer the #theNextGalaxy to its loyal followers as it rang the bell for the pre-order site for Samsung’s latest flagships, the Note 5 and the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus.

Following Sammy’s worldwide release of the new Note and S6 Edge Plus during their Unpacked Event, Smart also grabbed the opportunity by being one of the first telecommunications company to offer the devices by unveiling a pre-registration page on its website. Here, potential owners can apply to own either a Note 5 or the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus under wherein they will also be enrolled under the company’s Infinity postpaid plan (or on their regular plan subscriptions). Smart Postpaid Business leader Kathy Carag said that both units are “welcome additions” to their growing portfolio of phone offerings that are “specially designed so that you can live the Smart Life to the fullest”. Be that as it may, Smart is definitely equipped with the latest devices where “Next is Now” is attainable with just a simple registration.

As for Samsung, the Korean titan didn’t came short of teasing that yet another icon is about to shock the world. Of course, phablets are but a common choice, but Samsung has taken this to a whole new phase. After all, they were among the first to give us the Note (N7000) back in 2011. Today, 5inch plus phones are also equipped with bigger technical specifications and, according to Samsung, they have “evolved into a life companion capable of making just about every aspect of our lives more convenient”.

Fancy the Note 5 or the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus? Smart will be offering both devices under its Infinity Consumable LTE 3500, 5000 and 8000 for free until September 15, while enrolling in the Tri-Net regular plan will have subsequent cash-outs f P9,500.00 and P13,000.00 for the Note 5, P13,000.00 for the 32GB version of the S6 Edge Plus and P17,000.00 for the 64GB variant. Head on to for more great deals!


Globe Telecom is also offering both Smartphones which will most likely to be under its Platinum line. From here on out, owning Samsung’s new line will be based on user preference and of course, loyalty to either carriers.

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